School Council Members 2019/2020

Co-Chairs:  Alison Jette & Shelagh Gravelle

Treasurer:  Matt Sutherland

Secretary:  David Dey

Volunteer Coordinators:  Kirsten Hewson, Deidre Lean, Kim Coulter

Hot Lunch Coordinator: Sharon Behrendt

Parents without Portfolio: Robyn Vekeman, Heather Viers, Melissa Cinquino

Teaching Representative:  Tina Prosser

Principal:  Tracey Jemmeson

For more information about how you can get involved in the Convent Glen Catholic School Council, or to ask questions specific to council-led initiatives, please email

Council News & Information

Our Catholic School Council strives to be active and vital in our school community.  Convent Glen Catholic School  is a wonderful school and the enhancements that our Council provides to our students through curricular and co-curricular events and tools are invaluable.  Your support in our activities and fundraising always goes directly back to our school community in many ways.

 The Convent Glen Catholic School Council works in cooperation with the principal and school staff to ensure the best for our students. If you wish to contact us, see the email below.

Parent Council email: 


OCSB Parent Involvement Committee (PIC)

The Ottawa Catholic School Board Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is a provincially mandated committee made up of Parents, a Trustee, a Principal and the Director of Education. The purpose of PIC is to support, encourage and enhance parent engagement at the school board level in order to improve student achievement and well-being. The parent members of the OCSB PIC are appointed by CSPA. 

Learn more about OCSB's Parent Involvement Committee on the PIC page of the Board website.

Catholic School Parents’ Association (CSPA)

The Catholic School Parents’ Association (CSPA) is a volunteer group representing the Parents in our school board. They are a resource for school councils and the parent community for information on local and provincial education issues. Through their website, Twitter, and email newsletters, they provide updates on education in Ottawa & Ontario; plus they share great tips, resources and information to help parents support their children in school. All Parents are welcome and encouraged to join their email list, follow CSPA on Twitter or attend CSPA monthly meetings.

 Visit the CSPA website to learn more about CSPA  and the work they do to support parents and their children in our schools.

Council Meeting Information

School Council meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month beginning at 7:00 pm in our Learning Commons.  All Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings.